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Trips to cathedrals, city plazas and historic sites enhance Spanish language immersion.

For the best Spanish Language Immersion results choose a school with small group sizes and highly individualized instruction. And making good even better, you might find one that has you out every day participating actively in the life and culture of the local people.

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Spanish Language Immersion

Spanish Language Schools

Study Spanish in Veracruz

Many coming to the State of Veracruz begin in the City of Veracruz itself the first week. Here they study spanish while enjoying the places listed on the Veracruz (City) Loop.

Taking a week to study Spanish can give a very beginner enough to travel without needing to find someone to translate. A more advanced student will have significant growth in his or her Spanish skills, and can travel almost unassisted.

There is a Spanish immersion school in Veracruz that offers full services. The Language Immersion School can prepare you to travel. The school is happy to help you by phone if you are out in the state and encountering travelers' troubles.

When looking for a spot to study Spanish, you'll want to be sure that the school you're considering does far more than just teach you grammar and vocabulary. If their past students don't say that they began talking Spanish then the school is no different than staying home and taking a class in your community college. When the student testimonials say that they began speaking Spanish, you'll have found the kind of school that can make you into an independent traveler.

A cooking class that's part of a language immersion program in Veracruz, the teacher is roasting chilies to show the students the secrets of delicious red and green salsa.

Some immersion schools include Mexican cooking for those who'd like some lessons. Tomatoes are being roasted to make especially delicious red salsa and green salsa. Like everything in a good language school, cooking is a great way to practice your Spanish.