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locator map showing Veracruz, Mexico

Architecture is Mexico is always majestically expressed in its cathedrals.

The main part of the malecon is where the roadway in this picture used to be. Today ocean-crossing cargo ships are docked where these rowboats used to work.

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The Veracruz City Loop

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Travel to Veracruz Home Here you'll find out what the site is all about.

The Veracruz City Loop The State's largest city is Mexico's second largerst port. It's loaded with history and just offshore is the Veracruz Coral Reef System.

The Los Tuxtlas Loop The Los Tuxtlas loop takes you around the southern part of the state.

The Papantla Loop The Papantla loop takes you around the northen part of the state.

The Orizaba Loop The Orizaba loop takes you inland from Veracruz and right to the third highest mountain peak in North America.

The Xalapa Loop The Xalapa loop takes you inland and a little north of Veracruz. It's an area rich in Mexico's traditions and Mexico's fine arts .

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Spanish Language Schools and
Spanish Language Immersion
Some travelers choose to begin their exploration of the State in the City of Veracruz. Combining a week of Spanish study with visiting the city's history makes a great beginning.

The docking of boats happens right along the edge of the major part of the malecon.

From the malecon today one sees cargo ships coming and going.

Veracruz's old center is filled with hundred year old buildings.

El Centro, the city center, looks to be a hundred years old.