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The impressive waterfall, El Salto de Eyipantla, is very close to San Andres Tuxtla.

El Salto de Eyipantla is Veracruz's most impressive waterfall. It is an easy eight mile ride outside San Andres Tuxtla.

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The Los Tuxtlas loop takes you along the Gulf Coast south of the City of Veracruz.

Lago Catemaco: Catemaco lake is Mexico's second largest. Its most famous attraction is monkey island. Boat tours of the lake are especially popular. In addition to being a popular tourist spot, the lake is also home to many fishermen.

Catemaco: Along the northern shore of Lago Catemaco is the town of Catemaco. It's right in the center of natural wonders. For many its major draw is its community of witches and shamans. For others the draw is eco and adventure tourism activities.

Sontecomapan: Sitting on the end of a long sandbar, this fishing village is a meeting place of lush forests, manglar, and gorgous beaches.

Montepio: Lying in a narrow level area between the mountains and the Gulf, this village is supported by cattle and fishing. Its hundred year old church is at the water's edge.

Roca Partida: Flowing lava met the ocean at Roca Partida leaving behind one of Veracruz's most rugged coast lines. Open under the flow is the Cave of Lorenzillos. Kayak, snorkel, and diving are at their best here. The fishing is among the best in all of Veracruz.

San Andres Tuxtla: Known throughout Mexcio as a center of cigar making, this beautiful and thriving small city is surrounded with forests giving refuge, among others, to armadillos, foxes, and even anteaters.

Santiago Tuxtla: Serving as an entry to the Los Tuxtlas region, Santiago Tuxtla is a beautiful city divided by the winding Rio Tepango. It is said to be the colonial city of Los Tuxtlas. It is home to the museum Tuxtleco.

Even little kids navigate the massive Rio Papaloapan in small fishing boats.

Two boys are enjoying the Rio Papaloapan from a fisherman's rowboat.

Alvarado is home to an aging and not very polished armada of fishing trawlers.

Along the malecon in Alvarado old shrimp boats and trawlers wait for their time to return to sea.

Beautiful architecture colorfully painted is the hallmake of Tlacotalpan.

Architecture is the staple of Tlacotalpan, and color is its spice. No city in Veracruz is better maintained.

Tlacotalpan: Running along the northern bank of the Rio Papaloapan, no city in Veracruz is more beautiful nor more colonial in its architecture. Long ago the city was the slightly inland docking area for sailing ships from Havana, Cartagena, and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Otatitlan: Inland from Tlacotalpan is the important religious center. It is probably the most visited pilgrim site in Veracruz.

Alvarado: Opening onto the Gulf, for years Alvarado has been one of Veracruz's major fishing ports. It is often under consideration for development into a new and major shipping center for Mexico.