Travel to Veracruz, Mexico's Best Kept Secret

How Can Unknown, Undiscovered Veracruz Be Mexico's Safest State?
locator map showing Veracruz, Mexico
Travel to Veracruz and take a Donkey ride nature tour at La Mancha Lagoon.  Study Spanish as 
	you enjoy Veracruz's majestic natural beauty.

Once you Travel to Mexico you can enjoy nature tours by donkey. Or you can kayak, whitewater raft, enjoy birding, visit small villages and tiny towns, and spend lots of time talking to the locals. If you don't know Spanish, you can come on down anyway and do some high speed Spanish language immersion.

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Spanish Language Schools

Spanish Language Immersion

Eco-Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Cultural Tourism

Eco-Tourism: Veracruz lies on the Gulf of Mexico. It is a major American avian migratory route and has world-class birding. Running along the coast is a major wetlands with lagoon after lagoon. Eighty miles inland is North Americaís third highest mountain peak. Cloud forests run along the ridge of the mountain chain. Just off shore is Mexicoís largest and most beautiful coral reef system.

Adventure Tourism: Veracruz has adventure for everyone; scuba and snorkel on the coral reef system; dune-boarding, whitewater rafting, ocean and whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, mountain horseback, hiking, rappel and zipline, caving, mountain and glacier climbing.

Cultural Tourism: Veracruz is old Mexico. Little towns and villages take you back a hundred years or more. Most almost never have foreign visitors. The cities are todayís blend of traditional and modern. The past culture is everywhere in the State. El Tajin is a very large archaeological site with dazzling pyramids. Smaller but important sites are found up and down the coast. Cortez and the Conquistadors first landed and came ashore in Veracruz.

Spanish Language Immersion: Spanish study is a great way to increase your enjoyment of Mexico. Veracruz is home to one of Mexico's very finest Spanish Langauge Schools. The school has Spanish immersion for all levels of students. Sitting within a block of the ocean, The Language Immersion School, Veracruz, Mexico starts where you are and moves forward from there. And, they will help you arrange for eco, adventure and cultural tourism throughout the state.

For more information, please call us (toll-free) on our Portland, Oregon phone number, (503) 869-9938. It rings through to us in Veracruz.

Spanish language immersion is available only minutes away from where you can hear typical Veracruz Music and see Veracruz folk ballet

Nature, Adventure, and Culture, it's all hidden away throughout the state. It's safe here. Women are perfectly safe traveling alone, and so are retired folks. There's always music, and laughter.

Beautiful Ballet Folklorico is at its best in the State of Veracruz

Veracruz loves its traditions. You'll automatically visit Mexico of a hundred years ago while you're here. Veracruz is modern where it needs to be. Healthcare, for example, equals that of the U.S.

One of the very best of Mexico's Spanish Language Schools is in Veracruz where you can see the Voladores de Papantla.

The flyers of Papantla and the unbelievable ruins at El Tajin are just part of the past culture you'll enjoy. Eco, Adventure, and Cultural Tourism, with almost no foreigners around, is everywhere in the state. We invite you to Veracruz.

Veracruz is Mexicoís best kept secret.

Look in the guide books. Check Mexico sites on the internet. Less is written, less can be found, about Veracruz than any other part of Mexico.

Everyone has a theory, but no one really knows why.

  • Itís hot some say.
    • But itís far hotter in the Yucatan, in Cancun, at Playa del Carmen, at Chichen Itza, and more.
  • There are hurricanes.
    • True, Veracruz is on the Gulf coast and hurricanes exist, but the storms come ashore weakened and thereís little damage. An hour's bus ride has you far enough away and up high enough that you're totally out of danger.
  • The beaches arenít white.
    • Yes, the chemical composition results in beaches of light brown sand. Itís just as clean as white sand. The grains are simply a slightly different color.

So why is there so little written about Veracruz? Why can so little be found about Veracruz?
         No one really knows.

But here's what we do know. Who wins big?
         You do!

When you come to Veracruz, you come to Mexico.

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The University of Veracruz has campuses around the State. The main campus is in Xalapa. The other large campus is in Veracruz. Both are very interesting places to visit. Entry to the universtiy is based on an applicant's score on the entrance exam. Tuition is low, but for many in the State low tuition is still a drain on the family budget.