Travel to Veracruz, Mexico's Best Kept Secret FAQs--Frequently Asked Questions

locator map showing Veracruz, Mexico

Everywhere you want to go in Veracruz, you can go by bus.  It's inexpensive, and it's fun

Buses are safe and they go everywhere. You don't need a car, and you don't need a guide. Veracruz is warm and friendly and helpful. Come and Enjoy.

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There are many questions a traveler may have. We've tried to answer the most common here.

Is It Safe?
Veracruz is probably Mexico's safest state. Families with young kids, women traveling alone, older folks, all have a great time and no trouble with safety at all.

How Long Does It Take?
Each loop is designed to take about a week. You can come do it all, or come for only a couple of loops (and return next year for the others) and come for only one loop that's especially attractive to you.

How Can I Get Around?
Everything mentioned in this site is easy to get to by bus.

What If I Want To Drive?
That's fine. It's always a trade-off--you'll be more mobile but you'll miss the fun of being up high seeing much more than you can by driving.

Is The Water Safe?
Almost no where in the world is the water safe. Good bottled water is on sale everywhere. Aways carry a bottle.

How Can I Get There?
Easiest is to fly into the City of Veracruz. But you can also fly into Mexico City and from inside the airport grounds (so it's safe) catch a non-stop to the City of Veracruz or to Xalapa..

How Expensive Is It?
Veracruz is still priced for tourists from within the country of Mexico and so the pricing is much lower than in the areas attracting foreign tourists..

How Long Does It Take?
Each loop is designed to take about a week.

All buses look different  You might begin your own collection of bus pictures.

Because Veracruz is so safe, and because the people are so friendly, with just the least little bit of Spanish, or with nothing more than a strong sense of adventure, you can travel everywhere in the state.

Buses are so varied and so much fun to ride that it's tempting to start a collection of pictures of bus interiors.

This three-wheeler sells fresh fruit to the tourists.

Even tucked away in upscale parts of the city, little, old-fashioned treats are easy to find.

What If I Need Medical Care?
Medical care is available throughout the State. In the City of Veracruz itself, medical care is the equal of U.S. care, and the hospitals are well equipped. U.S. health coverage usually doesn't cover you in Mexico. You might want an to pick up travel insurance.

Do I Need To Get A Visa?
If you fly in you'll fill out a Visa form on the plane, and it will be stamped when you land. If you come by ground, you'll need to get your visa as you're crossing the border.

I Don't Speak Spanish. Can I Still Come?
Yes, if your are adventuresome you can, but you'll need a bilingual contact to make arrangements for you. It's better to take a week of survival Spanish at a first rate Spanish language school. One of Mexico's best is in the City of Veracruz. Spanish language immersion is a miracle. The Language Immersion School will have you talking enough in a week and will help you throughout your travels.

How Long In Advance Do I Need To Make Reservations?
For rafting, scuba, language immersion, and other organized activities it's good to book in advance. For most other activities no reservations are required.